• District Governor, Ken Patterson was a surprise guest and was recognized by Dave Kopp along with our Student of the month. Our Club's Exchange Student, Gabrielle Chargy was introduced once more by Coralyn and Robert Riojas introduced Billy Garcia from the Walmart DC.
  • Ted Baker failed to draw the right card in the Foundation Card Game. Brags included birthdays and anniversaries; Don Dickson for volunteering photo services for Gabby and Reagan Manning for volunteering ski clothing for Gabby's weekend trip to Taos. Ken Patterson also bragged on the Club's membership development.
  • Announcements included Meals on wheels needs for volunteers; invoices are available and can be emailed by notifying Ron; cruise tickets should be available next week and our very own chief Mull will be honored with a reception Wednesday the 26th from 1530 to 1730 at City Hall.



Wayland student scientist Jessica Kenneson have the Rotary Club an excellent informative program on versatile uses of digital cameras in science and health.  The process she developed has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of medical diagnosis. 






Great innovative spirit!