Club Meeting notes from April 28, 2015
Lydia led the meeting for our Presdient, Ted. Great job, Lydia!
Stan led the singing for our Song Leader, Chuck. Great job, Stan!
We welcomed our guests, and discovered that our in-bound French exchange student, Pierre, has developed a fondness for pool, and spends a lot of time at Plainview's pool hall. Who knew we even had a pool hall? Coralyn reminded us that we are looking for hosts willing to take in an exchange student from Japan.
Buddy bragged on Harry for giving his life (story) at Lllano Estacado Museum; Lydia bragged on new members of the Junior Literacy Council, as well as the fact that she beat Ted at bowling! Great job, Lydia! Major Hodge bragged on the first annual 'Volunteer Celebration Dinner" for the Salvation Army; Danny bragged on Carly Wheeler, Texas All Star/All State/ All Amazing athlete. 
David K. introduced our speaker, Grady Morton, from the Cotton Producers Association, who talked to us about Pima, Supima, Upland, Staple Length, and the Chinese Commodities Market. Yeah, it was pretty technical. Interesting, though. 
:Lydia dismissed us with the reminder to "lighten up, Rotary," through,  "Service above Self."