Meeting notes from August 12, 2014 (Program honoring Richard and Carol Sue Purcell)


eZizzer, August 12, 2014

Meeting began with prayer offered by David Kopp. In honor of Richard Purcell, we sang the Rotary Hymn and then the National Anthem. After the songs, we welcomed our many guests: Charles introduce Markose Chenthitta, Richard introduced David Appling, Cynthia introduced Bianca Berumen, Dorothy introduced Tanner Morgan, JB introduced Jody and Gene Arrington, Janice introduced Mary Beth, David Hodge introduced his family,Clara and Inga, and Jay introduced his son, Christian. Welcome to all our visitors!

Janice bragged on the Grenada Theater restoration and the Small Business expo at the Ollie Liner center, along with Charles’ participation. Richard offered an IOU for a brag about bicycle helmets, which was accompanined by enthusiastic ‘Amens’ from his fellow Rotarians, and the IOU was promptly paid by both Ted and Leslie. Richard, we’re glad you are (mostly) OK, and we are praying for your continuing recovery. Leslie bragged on the membership committee’s fireside chats, Reagan bragged on her dad for being awesome, Kim bragged on marrying her last child off, Eloise bragged on her daughters’ exploits, and Scott bragged on Rick Shaw returning safe from Macedonia with the correct number of fellow missionary students.

Carla won the opportunity to pick a card for the $679 worth of Foundation Dollars, but No Dice! (Roll it back in). Charles presented the French flag, and he and Jay and the Rotary club welcomed our new exchange student from France, Pierre-Louis Perrey. Bonjour et bienvenue!

Ted offered a program honoring Richard Purcell with a shadow box of his Rotary accomplishments, and Ted and Lydia informed the club of the shelter box contributions made by the club and by Carol Sue Purcell in Richard’s name. We also honored Carol Sue with a Paul Harris Fellowship, along with Richard (+4), Shannon Thrasher (for his help with the Disc Golf Course), and Jancie Payne (+7!!).

We closed the meeting by remembering the 4-way test for what we say, think, and do, and Ted dismissed us with the encouragement to ‘lighten up Rotary!’


The Crowd                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The Shadowbox


Presentation to Carol Sue                                                                                                                                                                                                                Presentation to Shannon Thrasher            



 Presentation to Janice Payne