ImageGabrielle has completed a full week of school, and is glad to say that it will be O.K. for her. The classes will be challenging, but not impossible, the teachers have high expectations, but are accessible and friendly, and there are students in each of her classes that have taken care to help her in whatever way that she needs. I think she already knows more people in Plainview than I do!

Gabrielle has hung out at the Brew with some of the First Pres Youth Group, attended a birthday party of a cousin of a friend of a sister of a somebody, I don’t know, it was too complicated for me to keep track. She has gone shopping with some friends, and spent Saturday over at Ransom Canyon with the Holloway family.

She also took in her first American Football game on Friday night. At first she didn’t know any of the rules, but after the first quarter, she had a pretty firm grip on how the game worked, especially fourth down situations, and could, with a fair amount of accuracy, predict the decisions the coach was going to make. She, along with the rest of the crowd, felt like the team was robbed at the end of the first half with that terrible call allowing for a last second (?) field goal by Randall.  She also enjoyed the band during halftime.

Next week she will be going down to Lubbock to see a Texas Tech game, and will meet up with some of the other exchange students from around the area. She is looking forward to that.