Posted on Apr 20, 2020
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and economic disruptions, Rotary International strongly recommended all Rotary Youth Exchanges terminate as early as was safe for students to return to their homes.  Today, Rosaya Afzal left the Lubbock airport at 7am to start her return to Germany.
Here is a photo of her host family, Ted and Lyn Baker, president Jay Givens, RYE student Palak Wadhwa, and Rosaya at the airport as she prepared to go through security this morning.  District Youth Exchange Officer William Morris and Rotarian SarahLee Morris joined them in seeing Rosaya off.  Club RYE Counselor Coralyn Dillard has done a wonderful job with this students for a decade but wasn't able to be at the send-off due to an out of town funeral.
Saturday at 2pm, several Rotarians and other youth and adults in the community drove by her host family's home to say farewell.  The video is a sample of the goodbye she received.