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1001 w 7th St
Plainview, TX  7972
United States of America

Operation Serve 2019 is a ministry of First United Methodist Church of Plainview TX, The Rotary club of Plainview will be one of many teams joining in to take on many MINI service project in our community. We might be working on a Habitat for Humanity, we might be assisting an elderly widow with some yard work, we might clean up a park, we might deliver cookies to a nursing home, who knows? That is the beauty of Operation Serve; we don’t have to plan anything!!! We just got to show up!! So get your gloves, and show up.  It IS ok if can’t stay all day; we will enjoy whatever time you can spare.

event start about 8 am and we work till our project is done ..We might even have some fun afterwards who knows.?

Once again I will be leading the Rotary team on this project, we will have fun and we will serve our commuinity one way or the other,, I am not sure what we will be doing , In fact if you know of project let me know. It could be someone who need help with there yard after the recent rain (put me on that list Lol), maybe an elderly person need there porch painted?? who knows??? if you have an idea let me know,,  

T. Leslie Gattis