Meeting minutes for Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Lydia gaveled the meeting to order and we began with prayer. Chuck led the club in singing, “R-O-T-A-R-Y - That Speels Rtoary.” We welcomed the guests of Rick (Jason), Richard (Vonda), Cynthia (Bianca), Scott (Daughter Emily - back from Macedonia), and Jay (Pierre-Louis Perrey, from France).


Coralyn bragged on Jay for going to the orientation for exchange students and revealed something about the tout ensemble of his accouterment. janice bragged on the Granada Theater restoration and the Small Business Expo at Ollie Liner.


New Member David drew for the chance to win the Foundation Dollars, but, No Dice! (Roll it back in.) Buddy asked for volunteers for Meals on Wheels. Richard announced the need for volunteers for Hale on Wheels (Traffic control, rest stop, and SAG vehicle drivers). Steve announced this years Foundation Travel Voucher raffle. Leslie announced the Fireside chats for new members.


Stan introduced Dr. Rick Shaw, who offered an interesting and inspiring presentation of his missionary travels with WBU Students this summer.


Ross led us in the 4-way test, and Lydia dismissed us with a loud clang of the bell and the encouragement to “Lighten up, Rotary,” through “Service above Self.”